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Carpet cleaners santa margaritaPros and Cons the Different Carpet Cleaning Methods


By getting the services of professionals for your carpet cleaning needs you will be extending the life of your carpet which can result in a considerable savings over a period of time. Carpets can be replaced if they are already damage or if the owner has the funds for this, however, this is a big investment. That is the reason why most home owners will continue to have their carpets preserved as much as possible. Click here

What are the different carpet cleaning methods?

There are many carpet cleaning methods provided by carpet cleaners santa margarita but the most common are the three methods below.

In each of these methods we will be discussing the pros and cons of each as follows:

  1. The Dry Cleaning Method –though each provider has slight variations they basically are done similarly. In this method drying the cleaned carpet takes quicker so the space can easily be available for use. The cons of this method are that the chemicals that are generally used are not eco-friendly. Though there are moves towards shifting to an eco-friendly alternative, at this time it is not yet totally possible. Secondly the method could not reach the deep recesses of the carpet. Good for commercial type of carpets but not advisable for domestic carpets.
  2. Bonnet Cleaning Methods – use machine that is similar to that of a floor polisher. The carpet is first slightly moist with a cleaning formulation and through rubbing dirt is lifted upward. Then again, this particular procedure is not ideal for deep cleaning and is just good for short pile carpets.
  3. Hot Water Extraction Method – also commonly known as the steam cleaning method gets into the deep recesses of the carpets and is often the most favored procedure by many both customers and cleaning personnel. It gives longer lasting results and is eco-friendly. Its drawback is that it is a longer procedure and requires at least a minimum of 24 hours before the area can be used again.

Final Take

If you need a faster result, go for the dry cleaning method. However if you consider thorough cleaning hot water extraction method is the best.


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