Carpet Installation

Best Carpet Installation Tools

You have a new carpet you need to install making sure  it fits just perfectly. Wondering what Carpet installation tools you should use?

As human beings, we tend to like doing things on our own, especially for places where we live, like home. Again, you are working on a budget to save money. We all need to feel some pride and contentment for a god job done especially after successfully completing a home improvement project. Doing it yourself saves money; more so creating a sense of the achievement close to your heart.

Carpet installation can sometimes seem to be a daunting task especially if you don’t have the basic carpet installation tools needed. However, you can make this task the easiest by acquiring the proper tools along with the required accessories. This is a good task for you, to learn a new skill and still achieve and get satisfaction in giving your home a perfect touch with the new carpet. As a homeowner, you only need to understand the various Carpet installation tools required to make the task an easy one for you to perform.

We have compiled to you a very informative Carpet installation tool list and their various uses.We have also elaborated on ways on how to install carpets using this tools. We aim to make your work as easy and most enjoying.

Carpet Trimmer

You need the new carpet to fit the carpet well from wall-to-wall for the purpose of uniformity. This is the tool you will need most to trim the excess carpet at the wall and corners. Trimming helps to only leave the right amount of tucking needed. With this trimmer, you can make your work very easy and better results are achieved. It helps to straighten the carpet edges to avoid ununiformed pattern which can damage the whole look your home.

This carpet trimmer is used to trim the excess carpet in the walls in a straight line. It has a lino knife, short for a linoleum knife, with a curved blade that resembles a talon. Additionally, you can also acquire more specialized trimmers such as circular cutters for cutting around objects.

Crain Stair Tool

Wondering how to make sure you fit your carpet properly, especially in the edges of the staircase. This is the tool you need most. It is a nickel-plated stair tool measuring 4″ x 8″. Made using a tough, durable steel alloy to withstand excessive hammering during clipping in carpet installation.

The handle is cushioned for comfort when working. A stair tool is shaped like a chisel and features a long and flat blade attached to a handle that has either a flat and rounded top or is shaped like a “T” so it can be gripped by the installer.

A stair tool is a significant tool to facilitate carpet installation. It has a capability of wedging a carpet perfectly into the stair edge of the stair riser and corners. Helps to make sure no part of the carpet bunches up on the staircase when laying the carpet. The Crain Stair tool also ensures that you are able to properly tuck the edge of the carpet underneath pressing it to gripper strips to hold it in place. I would definitely put it as one of the most important of the carpet installation tools available in the market today.

Unique features include; nickel-plated tool, long-lasting alloy steel, perfect taper that won’t cut the carpet, cushion handle for comfort, endures hammering.


KoolGlide Pro Seam Iron

Do you always envisage having all the time in the world to perfectly position your carpet with no glitch, making sure no tufts remain trapped after repairing or installation? Make it alive with KoolGlide. KoolGlide offers you with professionalism and quality every time you use it. Not to forget the magic it can do during carpet installation.

Some of the benefits to reap from KoolGlide Pro Seam Iron include the ability to seam from the top giving you a perfect fit especially on the stair tread, no smolder nor odor, no alteration to sensitive face yarns and no molten paste on iron. The tool helps to join together two separate sections of a carpet without leaving any conspicuous seam.

Knee Kicker

The knee kicker helps you to stretch out the carpet towards the corners of the room without leaving lumps or loose spots in the carpet. This tool has a teeth which grips and allow you to push it forward using your knee to stretch out properly the part of the carpet you are working on.

With a knee kicker, you are able to securely tack the carpet against the wall during installation. These carpet installation tools are particularly suitable in tighter spaces such as on stairs or in closets; areas with little room to work. It has adjustable teeth to the desired depth and its length is usually flexible.

Folding Tail Block

A headache during carpet installation is almost inevitable especially if your house floor has corners and you need your new carpet to be perfectly fit to attain uniformity. This a multi-purpose three-position tail block with a 20” flat position for stretching off straight walls. It bends square for widening off outer corners found in “L”-shaped rooms.

It is capable of locking the fulcrum so that you can stretch all way round a post as can be helpful in basements. The tail block has wheels to aid fast down movement on the wall. It has solid elastic pads that support it stay put below load. Works with various carpet installation tools such as, all Crain stretchers, besides other stretchers with ordinary poles. Net weight: 4.5 lbs.

Mini-Stretcher with Seam Attachment

It is a compact and versatile Carpet  stretcher and works with no loose tubes. You only need to hook the tail blade attachment on the carpet edge. Mini-Stretcher works effectively in tight areas or a region where the tail block of a conventional stretcher fails to be braced against an opposite wall.

In addition, the tool comes with a seam repair attachment which pulls seams together for repairs or matching of patterns to obtain an appealing carpet floor. A carrying case and helpful instructions come with Mini-Stretcher and the net weight is 22 lbs.

Stairway Stretcher

Stairway Stretcher is specially made for stairs to give a full and uniform stretch crossways the stair walk. It usually gives a good finish on your carpet when one begins at the top and works downwards, stretching and tucking below to attain a perfect fit.

In that way, one prevents any occurrence of knees sore that might result from kicking in the stair. The tool comes in a carrying case for ease of maintenance and handling. Net weight: 14 ½” lbs.

“Comfort Knees” Knee Pads

You will do a lot kneeling when installing your new carpet. Health welfare is our priority, “Comfort Knees” Knee Pads are made for you. Especially to be worn during carpet installation, the pads offer knee protection. There are some extra wide straps but they pose no harm even with shorts on. The pads design conforms to the knee motion at all times. Its flexibility is a good feature considering you will be moving up and down. Made of a durable neoprene material that is machine-washable and additionally the knee pad is replaceable. The net weight is 1 lb.