Many might not believe it but cleaning requires skills and a system.

Carpet cleaners Newport beach: HWE Experts

The cleaners have to be able to know what things are needed to be cleaned and how to go about it in the shortest time possible but with the best result and less cost. In the case of carpet cleaning, many methods may be employed but there are factors that have to be considered.

Hot Steam vs Hot Water Extraction

Two methods in carpet cleaning that people get confused about are the hot steam and hot water extraction. Both actually are effective though there are also some limitations. Hot steam would entail the use of a boiler in which water is fed to produce steam. The steam is then directed towards the carpet for a certain period of time so that it can be absorbed. Usually the  have already placed some cleaning solution on it making it easier for the soil an grimes to be taken out. Though this is effective in most cases, there are carpets that are not supposed to be cleaned using this method since it might affect the materials due to the prolonged exposure to heat. carpetcleaninginnewportbeach

How water extraction or HWE is one of the most common methods used and requires specialized equipment. The cleaners, in this case, would use a mixture of cleaning solution and heated water to spray on the carpet. The water with the dislodged soil are immediately vacuumed off. This method would use more water. The dirty water would then be disposed through the long hoses that are attached to the vacuum. Hot water extraction are mostly one by expert cleaners because it utilizes more equipment including long hoses that are attached on trucks that supply the water and becomes the container for the ones that are soiled.


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