Try a small amount on the corner of the rug and see what happens.

Tips for Rug cleaners

We all want the best for our homes and at the same time making it the best without spending too much. Since as we all know the rug is perfect for pulling a room together so that everyone will admire its design and the overall effect it gives. However, if the rug is not regularly cleaned and has stains on it then it may damage the looks of the rug.

Thus, the following are the tips we can give you if you have a problem with cleaning your rugs:

  • Clean the Rugs outdoor

Compare to the carpets that are merely installed on the floor, rugs are easier to clean since you can easily take it anywhere you want to clean. It is advisable not to clean it inside the house so you won’t get bothered about the dirt from the rug to stay inside the house. You should clean it outside and shake it out well. Shaking it will remove most of the dust, dirt, and debris attached to the rug and making it sure that you can clean it with vacuum effectively. website

  • Use Safety Products

Some of us won’t invest their time searching for the proper use of the products that is why it can cause damage to your rugs. Make sure that you are using an effective yet safe product that won’t discolor the rug. Test for colorfastness so that you will know what its effect on the rug.

  • Use the Appropriate Method for the Fabric

It is recommended that rugs must have a deep cleaned at least once a year. Determine the best method that should be used in cleaning your rug based on its materials. Some methods and products are not applicable to certain fabrics because it may damage its quality. Some fabrics are cleaned with minimal water only and a gentle cleanser.

  • Hire Professional

If you want to make sure that cleaning your rugs will become effective and you don’t know how to start it. Hire some professional rug cleaners instead because they know so much about that field. Some of them are trained and well-knowledgeable for the job.


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